I have always believed that desperation and pain is what leads people to seek therapy. Being in private practice now has shifted my view.  Most people who I see are just ordinary people struggling with hard stuff in life.  While pain can be motivating, it’s not enough. Why do some people remain stuck in their pain while others reach out for help?

I think what I am beginning to recognize is that people are seeking help not out of despair but rather out of HOPE. Hope that circumstances will change but more importantly, that they will change. Hope that they can feel joy again, that they can experience peace. Hope that they can wake up and actually want to live this life they’ve been given. Relief from pain is great, but it’s the potential for something more that motivates people to commit time and money to the process of therapy. And it’s that hope that prompts people to bravely reveal themselves to a stranger, to examine their pain, and to commit to change.

“Having hope will give you courage”. Job 11:18

If you’re considering being brave yourself you can reach me at leigh@rocketcitycounselor or 256-665-9966. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor practicing in Huntsville Al. If I can’t help you, we’ll find someone who can.