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Why does self-care seem selfish?

  The practice of self-care has been a struggle for me. Even though I encourage clients to practice self-care, in truth I considered it selfish and indulgent. Pride told me I can juggle work, kids, elderly parents, excessive volunteer work,...
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Why therapy?

I have always believed that desperation and pain is what leads people to seek therapy. Being in private practice now has shifted my view.  Most people who I see are just ordinary people struggling with hard stuff in life.  While...
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  • Eavesdropping

Top 5 statements I hear from clients in therapy

  After years of listening to clients, these are the top 5 most common statements I hear when someone begins therapy.  (Not that I would let someone eavesdrop of course, I’m all about HIPPA compliance!) Therapy is unique in that...
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  • Walk & Talk (1)

Walk and Talk Therapy in Huntsville, AL

In addition to a traditional office setting, I am excited to offer walk and talk therapy here in Huntsville. This allows clients the option to take the session outdoors if desired. The beautiful Big Springs Park is a block away...
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